Sunday, November 7, 2010

BS&R Century 10 inch Deep Camp Oven

A cute little Camp Oven followed me home. The oven you see in the middle was made in the 1960s by the Birmingham Stove and Range company as part of their Century line. The oven is a 10" DEEP CO and this is a size that is no longer made. (Maca comes close with their 9" and 11" Deep ovens)

You can see how this oven compares in size to my Lodge #8 and #10 Camp Ovens.

Another view showing the additional depth of the Century. The lid also has more of the historic flared shape that you see on truly old Camp Ovens.

The Century was welcomed to the fleet with a maiden voyage of Chicken & Sausage Stew.

All that stuff went into the Century and it was good. Being a crappy blogger I have no photos of the finished stew or any action shots of the oven cooking.

It got dark. Early. Why we still do this DST crap is beyond me but it is what it is.

My upcoming travel schedule is busy so until my next belated half assed post I'll just wish everyone most of you a happy Thanksgiving.


Chilebrown said...

Most Awesome, Did you have to do any repair?

I like your guard pig

Greg said...

It was cleaned and had a base of seasoning before I bought it.

I've added more seasoning. Soon it will as black as the Lodges you see in the photos.

The pig makes sure I don't forget the wonders of pork.

kkryno said...

A wonderful addition to your coffers! I'm going to have to sneak one home, if I can get it past K. ;)

Brett said...

Nice score. Could you tell me what seasoning you added and did you add the water that the potatoes and carrots are in? Just getting into dutch oven cooking.

Greg said...

kkryno - Diversions are best way to sneak things in my experience.

Brett - Salt, pepper, thyme, red chile flakes, 4 cloves of garlic and the sausage was andouille. Plenty of flavor.

I used some of that water but not all.

BigL said...

Hey Greg , Love your blog , been into cast iron for about 2 years , I'm 66 , been making no/knead bread , didn't have any DO , and now have 3 , an #8 Piqua , #8 Griswold and the latest a #9 Griswold that I got from a neighbor for $10.00 . Love reading what ever you have to say , very informative .
Big L

Greg said...

BigL - Thanks!

I have a Griswold #9 DO in my project pile so you may see it here in the future.

No knead rules! All credit to Jim Lahey.

David said...


Where did you pick up the CO? It's so hard to find good vintage CI sources.


homegrown countrygirl said...

Hi, Greg! Love your updates whenever they are. You can't get rid of me... I'll always keep checking back, no matter how often you post. Enjoyed seeing that awesome pig-pig. Have good travels!

Chilebrown said...

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, May your pots be black and iron

Joe said...

DST ended...we are now on regular time. I think you mean you want DST all the time! Nice pot. Nice blog...I bet that sh*t cooked up nice even if we cant see it.

JW said...

I recently read in Cook's Illustrated a method for seasoning with flaxseed oil. Have you tried this?

Greg said...

Life is too short to read Cook's Illustrated.

I have not tried it but I hope they didn't claim credit for it.

Sheryl Canter was the first to advocate this as far as I know.

Mark Dutch Oven said...

Those dutch ovens look really nice and well-seasoned. I mostly use 12" ovens when I cook. I like to have a few leftovers for lunch, even though sometimes, there aren't any.

Wrought Iron Pittsburgh said...

That is so vintage cooking equipment! Now I really know what makes food really so delectable. It's simply because of how it is made and the materials employed.