Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Iron - Wagner Ware Pie Logo #14

It has been raining a lot here. The grills and smokers are cold and wet so the last few days have given me a chance to move a piece of old cast iron from the project pile to the electrolysis tank.

This project is a monster. A number 14 skillet is a massive piece of cast iron. This one is 15 1/4 inches in diameter, 16 5/16 inches from ear to ear and 21 3/4 inches long from lifting tab to the end of the handle. Weight is right at 10 pounds.

This one also happens to be a fairly scarce Wagner Ware Pie Logo 1064. These were produced in the 1920s and as with all the older, larger skillets, it can be a challenge to find one that hasn't been warped or bowed. This piece shows its age and the underside is a little rough from some surface rust but it does sit perfectly flat and will make a fine skillet for truly big jobs.

For comparison sake I placed a modern Lodge 10.25" (the most common size) skillet inside the no. 14. 

This skillet just came out of the electrolysis tank this morning so it isn't fully seasoned but even with some minor underside roughness it is an attractive piece of casting and history.


MtnRubi said...

Beautiful Skillet!

What's the "electro" tank? Does that strip all the old oils and such off the skillet so you can start seasoning anew?


LilacCottageGoats said...

I have a Griswold 14 size pan. I bougth it out of a old restauant, that was going out of business. It is one of my favorite frying pans. It's so large that I have to put it over two burners. I like to make baked steak in it. I brown it on top of the stove and finish baking it in the oven. Mine isn't warpe or bowed. It's in perfect shape. I have wonder what it would be worth. It is marked with the name Griswold in the cross with a circle around the cross and the words Erie PA under the circle.


Scott said...

It's a beauty!!! I received a 14 incher once, but unfortunately it was too warped to use:( One can dream:)

Greg said...

Don - Electrolysis Tank. I put links in the text of the post.

It is the best way to clean cast iron.

Kelly - $150 to $800.00+ depending on the details.

A slant logo with heat ring is the most valuable. See my Griswold post for pictures.

Scott - Bummer. People ruin these by getting in a hurry and cranking the heat to high rather than waiting 5-6 minutes for the piece to come up to temp.

Update - 2 large russet spuds and a yellow onion only took up 1/3rd of the cooking surface this morning.

The skillet did great.

LilacCottageGoats said...

Oh, I'm sorry to report that it is a block lettering, but it dose have a heat ring. Thank you for the info. I really love cooking with it. My husband saw how much you said it was worth and now thinks I should sell it. haha I don't think so haha. :o)


Chilebrown said...

That is one piece of black iron to be proud of.

The BBQ Guy said...

I need to find me one of these!

will said...

I have this exact same pan.i used to drive a roll off dumpster truck about five years ago.I went to a house to drop a container off.The man who had rented it asked me if I knew anyone who would want some cast iron cookware.Thats when he showed me THE PAN.He said his wife was making him get rid of it.I wish I would have had more room in the cab of the truck.It was a whole set.I didnt know what I had until yesterday!