Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just how good is the seasoning on a Lodge pre-seasoned pan?

Scrambled eggs are a pretty decent test of any skillet. I thought it would be interesting to scramble a couple eggs and see how well a brand new Lodge Logic pan did with them.

For comparison I used an old Wagner Ware #8 that is getting to be a pretty nice pan.

You will see the results. I think the Lodge did fairly well for brand new.


Dave said...

That Wagner is one sweet pan. Reminds me of my #7 griswold slant logo. Nothing sticks to that thing!

Paul Carini said...

I find that even after many uses and seasonings, the lodge cookware just isn't as good as my Wagner. Isn't the finish on the Lodge piece a little coarser than on the Wag? Could that be why they aren't quite as nice? I like the lodge items because you can go buy one today, but when I see a Wagner, I jump for it!

Greg said...

Dave - I have a few others that are slicker than that Wagner #8 but it would be kinda ridiculous to compare a brand new piece to them.

Paul - Smooth helps. I have some 90 year old Lodge pieces that are glass smooth and they are great.

Any brand cast before the 1960s is almost always better BUT I can cook scrambled eggs in some recent Lodge pieces quite well.

I like the new Lodge pieces for high heat applications.

me_as_a_project said...

come one folks. the old stuff is better for one reason only: it's lighter than the new stuff.

i have 5 year old lodge pans that i can get my eggs to skate around and they've been that way since the 2nd month of use. i just doubt that my 80 year old wrists will be able to cope with the weight of the pan.

ok the second reason: the smooth finish looks soooooooo cool!

that having been said that lodge pan performed quite well for being right out of the box and having only factory seasoning on it. proving yet again, that Lodge Cookware rocks.

Greg said...

I wrote an entire article about old vs. new so I won't rehash it. I prefer old!

Lodge makes a damn good product and they are the ONLY brand of cast iron that I will buy new.