Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hatch Green Chile and Chorizo Pizza

Sometimes simple is best. Whole wheat dough, olive oil, a tiny bit of tomato sauce, green chiles, chorizo, mozzerella & jack cheese with a little cojita crumbled over the top.

500 degrees on a pizza stone.

Oh Baby!

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Dave said...


This crust looks great. Is the whole wheat flower the only edit you make to chef John's recipe? Do you go half and half?

Greg said...

Half and half is usually what I do.

It depends on your fondness for whole wheat. I happen to like it.

I think the keys to a good crust are the overnight rest in the fridge (Peter Reinhart calls for this and he knows bread) and a good glug of olive oil mixed right in the dough.

Pizza stones are worth it IMHO. Mine never leaves the bottom rack of the oven.

Chilebrown said...

oh yeah!

Gloria Chadwick said...

Totally awesome pizza! Love the Hatch chiles. You're so lucky you got to go to the Hatch festival. :)

Anonymous said...

A #12 cast iron skillet ain't a bad thing to cook a pizza in either. I'm ditching the pizza stone. It smells like stale oil all the time.

Greg said...

I've got a monster 17" skillet that has ben used for pizza but my pizza stone never leaves the oven.

Never has any funky smells though I've had to sand it to get burnt food off of it.

Michael Sims said...

I made one today. It was great.
I do the over night in the fridge as well, although I just used bread flour since I don't have the really high gluten stuff. I used roasted green chiles and habaneros, so it had a bit more of a kick, and some queso fresco to round it off.

All on the pizza stone FTW. Thanks for the idea.

Greg said...

Michael - Sounds great.

I just got over a head cold and I think the copious amounts of habanero salsa I've been eating helped me whup it so fast.