Monday, August 24, 2009

Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers + A Bull Moose Visit

So I've heated up the Weber Kettle and I'm brushing down the hot grill when I hear a "SNAP" from 30 yards away. This big guy has wandered onto my property and is feasting on my Gambel Oaks.
I was really glad I wasn't about to cook moose burgers as this guy could do some damage if he felt like it.
Today we were having some 85/15 Grass Fed ground beef from a local ranch. Lately I've been craving a blue cheese bacon burger so this was to be the delivery vehicle.

Rolls, condiments, and Neuske's bacon were all prepped and ready to go. The blue cheese was stuffed into the burger like I've seen on fine blogs like this and this.
Not being satisfied with the internal cheese holding capacity of these jumbo burgers (the funny looking one is for my Malamute) I added more cheese and Neuske's after the flip.
The burgers slid back and forth over the coals and then to a cooler part of the grill to cook more slowly.Some fresh corn and tomato salad (with black beans, onions, jalapenos, lime juice and bacon) was made ready.
The burgers were built and then Mr. Moose decided to leave. I guess he was offended that I didn't offer him one.


Chilebrown said...

Your pictures are really cranked up a notch. Your new format or whatever is great.
You ever take a shot at that big ole moose?

Greg said...

You can only draw one moose tag in your life in UT. I've never even applied for one.

If I really wanted to go after a Moose I'd start applying in Wyoming (or Alaska).

I do hunt Elk and sometimes deer.

The moose near my house almost seem like neighbors. You can't hunt something that sleeps on your lawn.

Chilebrown said...

My Bro-in-law lives in Utah. He has an elk herd that runs through his property. According to Bro-in-law, if? the elk damage the fence,eat feed or a nunsanse, he can shoot them down. He has to keep the head for the warden. Then he gets reimbursed for fence and feed. Go figure!

Greg said...

Elk don't like fences.

They can jump like crazy but they won't do it for long and usually choose to knock the fence down.

They are really impressive animals.

Julie said...

Oh my are killing me here! I want a burger like this!!! How wonderful that you have moose around...would never see that here in south Florida!!! LOLOL! You sure have one lucky dog to get a burger like that!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a burger call a "Black and Blue" the other day on the Oregon coast (Astoria). One of the best I've ever had. It was a blackened hamburger with blue cheese and bacon. Not unlike yours! Now I've been making blue cheese burgers for years, but the "blackened" twist really set this one apart.

By the way, moose burgers are a real treat.

Greg said...

Julie - Thanks. I should state that my dog didn't get blue cheese on his

Or in it...

Anonymous - Moose is good stuff. I like all forms of venison if the meat was taken care of properly.

Blackened Blue Cheese Bacon Burger huh? I was thinking about a doing a blackening post.

climbhighak said...

That is an interesting bullwinkle. Looking at the first photo I probably would have passed on it. Seeing the last photo I would have blasted it and been a happy moose eating fool.

In much of Alaska a moose is legal with a rack width of 50" or with 3 brow tines on one side. (That is on the large side) Do you see the confusion? Excellent blog and wonderful burgers.