Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Old Lodge Chicken Fryer

My old cast iron acquisitions have really tapered off but I had to snag this sweet old Lodge Chicken Fryer. The chicken fryer is nice but what really made me buy it is the lid. The old High Dome lids with the wire handles are just so damn cool.

The Chicken Fryer looks to be from the 1930s and is in fine shape. The lid is even older {approx. 1920-30s}. It was in tough shape when I got it but the electrolysis tank did all the cleaning work.

Chicken Fryers are a favorite of mine. Do you have one?


R. Mansfield said...

What a cool looking lid. I broadcasted a "tweet" from my site's Twitter account to send folks to see this. And now I see that Lodge has "re-tweeted" it as well.

We just got two chicken fryers with lids that belonged to Kathy's grandmother who passed away in 2003. Kathy's mom told me that her father used to clean them by throwing them in a fire in the back yard. Both of them need a bit of work, and I'm probably going to strip them and start over with seasoning since a good bit of gunk is built up on especially one of them. I don't know if we actually need two fryers, but I'll let Kathy decide that since they belonged to her grandmother.

I cant see any brand name, but maybe after I strip them there will be some identifying marks. These would be very old as well.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Wow... That is really pretty! Plus-- I'm thinking there has to be lots of ways to use it. Where did you find it?

Greg said...

Rick - Post pictures of the 2 you have when they are done.

Pokeberry Mary - They are very useful. Deep skillet, Dutch Oven w/ a handle and worlds greatest popcorn maker are just a few uses.

I bought it on eBay.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Boy that ebay sure is convenient. We love our cast iron too, unfortunately I have arthritis and lately its getting harder to lift them--we keep them next to the stove though and although I am using some lighter pans more than I used to my cast iron still sees pretty much daily duty. Most of ours is second hand too, old old ones we found at thrift stores and cleaned up.

Rev. Biggles said...

Ya know, when this post came up, I was going to post a comment. Then, got depressed because I don't have one, wanted one for years. See, I've never paid for any of my cast iron, some two dozen pieces. Oh wait, I did buy a new double burner, reversible rig 10 years ago. In any case, I didn't have a chicken fryer, so I didn't post. And what happened this very morning? My brother inlaw came back from a short trip to Reno and found me one! It's an old wagnerware #8. It's got some issues though, someone tried to "restore" it or season it. They didn't get all the rust off the inside, then "seasoned" it. I'm kinda worried too, the seasoning looks like, smells like, FEELS like spray varnish. I can't imagine anyone doing that, but I can smell it from here.


Greg said...

Pokeberry Mary - I love eBay!
Just leave the iron on the stove so you don't have to move it so far.

Biggles - If you have access to a battery charger I'd strongly recommend you throw an electrolysis tank together. In a day you'd have that cool old Wagner chicken fryer down to bare iron.

Good luck with it. I just cooked homefries in the Lodge pictured above.

Rev. Biggles said...

Greg, yeah, that's what I'm planning. I have a totally bitchen old charger and access to many others. Was looking in to it yesterday and only need the plastic dish drainer thingy and the soap. I have 2 other pieces that need the tank, so figured it was time.


Greg said...

Cool man! Involve the 2 young 'uns in the science experiment.