Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outdoor Breakfast Tacos

Cabin fever was starting to get to me. This winter I tended to be on-call on all the nice weekends and when I was free to goof off the weather didn't cooperate. Add to this my dog was starting to give me his "I'm bored" look and it was time for a quick getaway.

Last weekend we took off to the West Desert of Utah, near the Nevada border. It is empty country and it's easy to get 50 miles or more from pavement provided you trust your truck. The scenery and abundance of antelope, ghost towns and golden eagles being the attraction. Out there the only break in the solitude is the sound of passenger jets flying overhead.

The cast iron used on this trip was fairly new. No sense subjecting an old valuable piece to the jarring 4WD roads but the camp stove was a really sweet 1963 Coleman 3 burner. I like cooking with things that are older than me.
This shot shows the cheesy scrambled eggs before I added the salsa. (My dog doesn't like salsa... go figure) Running this old stove reminded me of driving an old tractor. I had to monkey with the pump often. It isn't a "set it and forget it" apparatus.
These tasted pretty damn good, food usually does taste better outdoors. The low temp was a mild 34 degrees F that morning. Coffee and breakfast tacos starts any day well.

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Extra Sharp Cheddar (melt into eggs as you cook them)
  • Bulk Sausage
  • Tortillas
  • Salsa


kkryno said...

Somthing about fresh air and old camp stoves makes everything better!

Chilebrown said...

My Dad used to have a Coleman stove like that. He purchased it with Blue Chip stamps. I have a modern one. It gets used at the Raider games.It is almost identical,but it is has three burners and can use unleaded fuel.

Rev. Biggles said...

Nothing like the smell of white gas burning in the early morning, the stove chugging along. I still have my father's coleman stove from the 1940's, don't use it though. Let's just say some of the gaskets don't hold gas and pressure like they used to.


Greg said...

kkryno - yup, wish I could do it again this weekend

Chilebrown - Your can probably burn kerosene too but I'd avoid it. White gas has a lot fewer additives than the other stuff.

Reverend - This stove had gasket issues when I bought it a couple years ago and the repair bill was a whopping 9 dollars. Go to the Coleman site and look up their authorized repair centers. I bet parts are still available for your dad's stove.