Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apple Pie from a Camp Dutch Oven

The smallest Camp Oven I owned was a number 10 but Sportsman's Warehouse dropped some prices and it was enough to get me to spring for a Lodge number 8 (2 quart). I often use the number 10 for bread so I decided dessert would be the routine for this one.

This pie was made without a pie pan. I just smushed the crust up inside the oven and laid strips across the top rather than form a top crust. The cooking was easy. Following the +3/-3 rule produced a nicely cooked pie but the top crust was looking pretty blonde after 35 minutes. I dumped 6 extra coals on top and cracked the lid (wooden match between the outer ring on the lid and body) to help it brown for the final 20 minutes.
Camp Oven cooking is quite easy and I plan to post more about it as the weather improves.


Chilebrown said...

You say Sportsmen wharehouse has dropped prices on some pans.Oh Crapp, I am listnening to a Jamm by James Brown. it is full blast. Ms. Goofy is on a vaction with her sister. If this jamn ever ends send me a link.

Rendezvous,Carson City Nevada. Go for it!!

Rev. Biggles said...

Hey man, was thinking of you and Chile earlier this week. Kingsford sent me a sample bag of their new Competition Briquettes. They're supposed to light faster and burn hotter. Thought they'd be pretty spiffy for the camp dutch action.


Greg said...

Chilebrown - Sounds like you were celebrating a bit. Whats the deal with Carson City? If you don't have it the James Brown Startime (4 CD set) is pretty badass.

Rev. Biggles - Some of the competitors on IDOS forum like Royal Oak. I guess Kingsford changed a couple years ago and it wasn't well rcvd. Maybe the competition formula is closer to the original?

Rev. Biggles said...

Well, I stopped using briquettes over 10 years ago. For what I do, grilling and smoking at home, just don't need the briquettes. I had no idea they changed formulas, interesting. I'll have to do a little research to find out what the scoop is, then act like I know what I'm talking about when or if I post about it.


Michelle said...

I would love the recipe for this?

Greg said...

Hi Michelle - I can do a detailed post about pie.

The technique is simple. Take your favorite pie crust and pie filling and put it into a camp oven.

I used the +3/-3 rule which means on a #8 oven do +3 on top or 11 coals on top and -3 or 5 coals on the bottom.

This gets you close to 350 degrees so I cooked it until I could smell it. It wasn't browned enough for me so I took the oven off the bottom coals and added 6 additional (already burning) coals to the top while slightly cracking the lid so steam could vent.

The results are very good and it is really easy to do.

me_as_a_project said...

how did you get the pie out. just flip the oven and out it comes or is it resting on a trivet?


Greg said...

LG - Flipped it out like you guessed.