Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo in a Camp Dutch Oven

Inspired by Chef John over at I decided I needed to make some Gumbo.

Too hot to cook inside so I'm using my outdoor Dutch Oven setup. The tub really helps with the wind.

Last shot before the lid goes on. I'm thinking I've got too much liquid....we will see.

Normally I add Okra but I forgot to buy some. {I always forget something at the store.} Cornbread will be cooked in a smaller DO.

Cornbread is cooking on the left, Gumbo simmering on the right.

Not too shabby. There was too much liquid but the rice handled it. I had NO room for dessert.


Lee from WAGS said...

nice set up for your camp ovens. is that to keep the wind off.

Greg said...

Hey Lee,

That is exactly why I did that. The wind is always blowing at my place.

Those pics make me miss summer...